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5 Health Benefits of Eating Outside

I live in New England and one thing we know about around here is how to maximize our enjoyment of good weather. It seems as thought the entire area is transformed in a matter of weeks from grey, naked trees and brown earth, to vibrant, flourishing greenery everywhere you turn. Winter is beautiful in its own way, but the long, warm days of summer are a much anticipated treat. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the summer weather is by eating outside. Whether it’s my morning smoothie on the back porch as the day begins, or lunch with a friend in the backyard (at an appropriate 6 foot distance apart of course), dining al fresco is an experience I treasure.

There are so many reasons to head outside to eat, and numerous benefits to doing so. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Enjoy the sun! Summer days are long and, for many of us, the sun’s warmth and light will be gone before we know it. Pack a picnic, hit the trail, and make the most of it while you can.

  2. Get some vitamin D from the source. Supplements are fine, but did you know that 10 minutes of midday sun provides 10,000 units of vitamin D? Soak it up!

  3. Unplug. Eating outside, allows to unplug for a bit. Away from our phones, computers, and televisions, we have an opportunity to really connect with the people who matter to us and deepen our relationships.

  4. Real life interactions. Life is always nicer when we have something to look forward to. Schedule outdoor date night with your partner and mark your calendar.

  5. Much needed fresh air. After spending long hours indoors or wearing masks, time in the fresh air is vital to clearing our minds and feeling vibrant. Sit on the porch or deck and enjoy some appetizers with your partner and breath in the clean summer air.

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