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Surround Yourself with Joyful People

As we navigate the 2020 pandemic and the need for social distance, we still need to find ways to keep our social interactions alive one way or another. As we take on this new world, it is more important than ever that we make conscious choices about who we are giving our time to.

Are you keeping up with friends and family who are constantly negative and pessimistic about the state of things? Or seeking out those who are practicing gratitude for what they can still do and staying positive through this difficult time?

The five people to whom you give most of your time quite literally shape who you are. Although we may have many acquaintances, it’s those select few to whom we give the majority of our time and attention that impact our thoughts, beliefs, and actions the most. Studies show that surrounding yourself with joyful people has a huge effect on your overall happiness, even more than financial security. If you spend most of your time with smokers, studies show that you are 61% more likely to begin to smoke. If your friends are obese, you are 45% more likely to become obese (***see studies below).

Yes, I know… we all have free will, and you could choose not to smoke even though your friends do, but why not use your free will to seek out those who reflect the highest qualities you aspire to. Find others who have already achieved the same things you wish to achieve. Surround yourself with the knowledge, inspiration, and support to make the path to your highest self smoother.

.“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

~ Jim Rohn Entrepreneur, Author, and Motivational Speaker

You have the power to decide who you will give your time and energy to. Therefore, strive to surround yourselves with others who respect you, inspire you, share your interests, and push you to be your best. Stick with friends who are truly happy for you when good things happen and are genuinely supportive when things don’t go your way. Let go of those who are suddenly unavailable when exciting opportunities come to you, or say “I told you so” when things don’t go as planned. Take stock of those around you and if they’re not on the path you want to end up on, it might be time to seek out new surroundings.


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