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How to Stay Healthy and Sane During Quarantine

Spring is here! It’s a time for rebirth and new beginnings. As we find ourselves in this unprecedented time; snacking more than we used to, sitting more than we used to, and forgoing many of our previous daily grooming routines, it is easy to lose ourselves as the days blend together.

Now during the Corona quarantine is the perfect time to start a new habit and vow to leave this socially distanced, unprecedented moment in history healthier, more appreciative, and more focussed than when we entered it.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you make the most of this unusual time:

When this is all over, what will you look back and wish you had done with this unexpected extra time?

Even though this is a very difficult time for everyone, what are you most grateful for during this time?

What daily habit do you want to cultivate and make a part of your life going forward?

Tracking is an amazing tool. Keeping tabs on how you spend your time, what you are consuming, and how much you move each day can be very helpful. Many of my clients have been shocked at the lack of awareness they had for what, when, and how much they were eating and exercising before they began to keep track.

Challenge yourself to track your activities this week, you may be very surprised at what you find. I have included a tracking sheet in the resources section to make it simple.

Here are simple instructions for using the tracking sheet this week:

1) List everything you eat and drink (yes, even that bite of cake you stole from your child’s plate).

2) Record your deliberate exercise such as walking the dog, taking an appropriately socially distanced hike, or a timed jog on the treadmill. Setting up a step count challenge with a friend online is a fun way to get motivated.

3) Record the time you go to bed (to actually sleep, not check social media or read) and time you get out of bed. Sometimes lingering in bed with too many “snoozes” can end up creating a groggy start to the day.

4) Jot down a few things to be grateful for. When we are experiencing positive emotions, there are amazing effects on the physical body including slowed breathing, lower blood pressure, more stable blood sugar levels, higher immune system function, and reduction of inflammation.

Tracking is an amazing tool for deeper mindfulness if you are honest with yourself. Use it to become aware of your current habits during this unusual time, see them for what they are, and mold them into habits that will move in the direction of your most vibrant life!

Download your tracking sheet here

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