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3 Easy Tips for Higher Productivity

We all work. Whether your job involves going to an office, spending time at a desk at home, or running a household, you work! Having proper systems in place is key to ensuring success. Here are three tips to help you increase your productivity almost immediately:

1) REV Up Your Day: Start your day with an hour of Reading, Exercise, and Visualization. Make it a habit to spend the first hour of your day productively, laying the groundwork for success. Divide your time between reading something that inspires you, engaging in whatever exercise most engages you, and visualizing the success that awaits you. If you don’t have an entire hour, you can still REV up your day in as little as 15 Minutes. How? listen to an inspiring book or podcast while you exercise for 10 minutes, then take a few minutes to close your eyes and picture clearly how you want your day to unfold.

2) Time Blocking: On Sunday, determine your top goals for the week. Make a list, then block off the time in your calendar that will you need to get them done. Make appointments with yourself, just as you would with others.

3) Prepare Today to Succeed Tomorrow: Before you stop working for the day, make a list of action steps for tomorrow. Use a brightly colored piece of paper or a pretty notebook so that you look forward to seeing it in the morning. Take a few moments to clear your workspace to neutral – shut down software on your laptop, neaten your desk, empty the trash – so that, no matter how your day went today, you’re ready to succeed tomorrow.

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