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Lifelong Learning Keeps You Young

The feeling of new beginning is strong this time of year. Although this particular school year has its share of challenges and safety precautions, it still brings a sense of a fresh start in its own way. As I go for my morning walks, I see kids waiting for the bus, carrying pristine backpacks loaded with unopened notebooks, unbroken crayons, and unsharpened pencils. It's the time of year to dig into new projects and new learning.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the value of lifelong learning. People who continue to acquire knowledge and skills are less prone to dementia, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, and are likely to live longer than their less engaged peers.

I am constantly seeking new knowledge through workshops, seminars, and courses. I guess I’m always looking for ways to go “back to school.” Try some of my favorites:

  • Enroll in a class at your local community college or through your school district’s continuing education department.

  • Take a workshop or seminar with an expert you admire.

  • Learn to play a new game such as bridge or mah jongg, that will keep your brain active and allow you to engage in socialization.

  • Watch online tutorials that will help you fix things around the house – not only will this increase your skill set, it will save you money as well.

  • Read an inspiring biography or a classic novel that you somehow missed in high school or college.

  • Turn off the morning television shows and read an inspiring non-fiction book.

Are you looking for ways to broaden your horizons and feel more fulfilled in your everyday life? I can help. Email me and let’s talk about how one-on-one coaching can help you live vibrantly today.

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