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Thinking Ahead for 2020

2020 is almost here! Have you stopped long enough to decide where you truly want to go in the new year? If you don't have a clear vision for your future, life will just happen to you by default. If you make a plan, you are the one in control of shaping that future.

For many of us, there are parts of our lives that don't look or feel the way we want them to. Most of the time this is because we don’t take the time to figure out precisely what our ideal life actually looks like; we just know it isn’t what we currently have, and in the rush of daily to-dos, we don't know where to start.

If I say, "Dream vacation", one person might envision taking a tour of all of Europe's most beautiful old cities, others might picture a shiny, ultra-modern city like Dubai, climbing Mount Everest, or a week at an all-inclusive beach resort. Your dream home may be a beautiful old loft apartment in New York City with enormous floor to ceiling windows and tons of character, while your best friend may be longing for a 3 bedroom cottage right on the ocean in Southern California. The reason everyone doesn't picture the same vacation or dream house is that we are all individuals with preferences that resonate with us for a variety of reasons. The key is to pay attention to your preferences, and use the following exercise to set the stage for attracting those things into your life.

What does your ideal life look like? You can get there you just need the map. Get out a notebook and take 15 minutes right now to write out your ideal vision using the following exercise.


Take your time and think carefully. Don’t focus on how it will happen right now, just allow yourself to picture it clearly. Do not put parameters on your vision. This is what each part of your life would look like if it were exactly as you want it to be; your ideal picture, not a “good enough” or "well, I should be realistic" picture.

Write each heading into your notebook with plenty of space below each.

Write at least 3 things that would make life ideal under each heading.

1) Ideal Health (Physical and mental wellbeing)

2) Ideal Family and Community (Family, friends and peers)

3) Ideal Career (Getting paid to spend time in your genius zone)

4) Ideal Recreation (Amusement, relaxation and hobbies)

5) Ideal Personal Achievement (Education, self-improvement, or impact you would like to make in the world)

Once you have your ideal life vision written out, the next step is to take action toward the achievement of it; not just any action, new action, something you haven’t tried before. Most people are stuck in Comfort Zone City. They think something better would be nice, but it would also mean they would need to be uncomfortable and vulnerable for a little while. Taking new action is the only way to move in the direction of your ideal life. If the comfortable patterns you are currently using were going to get you there, would already be there.

Your ideal vision does not have to include millions of dollars, a huge house, or a perfect bikini body. Take the time to figure out what truly feels ideal for you so you can begin to put your energy there. When you do, you will find life unfolding in new and surprising ways for you.

I wish you all the best as we head into this beautiful new year!

Kristin Pomeroy ©2018 The Vibrant Living Project