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Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

holiday shopping 101

Get through your holiday shopping with a smile on your face this year!

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it comes the official start of the holiday shopping season. Are you headed to the mall or, even better a series of local shops this weekend? Some of us can’t wait to go shopping but others are filled with apprehension at the mere thought of the crowds. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the holidays already, or you just want to get through your excursion with a smile, here are some ideas to help you stay on track:

1. Get some good sleep.

It’s hard to spend the day shopping if you’re tired! Get a good night’s sleep and set your alarm. Stretch while you’re still in bed and start your day with some kind of movement to get your blood flowing before you head out the door.

2. Make a list

Before you leave the house, make a list of what you want to accomplish. Include everyone you’re shopping for that day, what you intend to get them, and how much you’ve budgeted for the purchase.

3. Do a bit of pre-shopping.

Use your computer to find out which stores have the best prices for your intended purchases, and which offer price-matching or coupons you can print and tuck in your bag.

4. Plan your route.

Start at the farthest destination. With every stop, you’ll be working your way back home again.

5. Dress comfortably for your big day out.

Layer your clothing and leave your bulky coat in the car. Wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes or warm boots.

6. Bring a healthy snack.

Avoid temptation at the food court. Keep a bottle of water and a handful of nuts or some fruit in your purse. It’s easy to make self-defeating diet choices when you let yourself get too hungry or thirsty and those sugary mall coffees can contribute to irritability, inflammation and fatigue when the initial burst of energy wears off.

7. Bring a big tote or backpack to carry smaller items.

Not only will this help you consolidate and keep track of your purchases, but it’s environmentally friendly, too.

8. Park at the back end of the parking lot.

You’ll save time by not circling for a prized spot near the door, and you’ll get some extra steps in your day.

9. Bring a friend along.

Invite a friend to join you for all or part of your day and allocate some time to connect over lunch or a quiet cup of tea.

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