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Vision Boards: Your " How-To" Guide

Lately we have been talking about picturing your goals clearly in order to achieve them. You may have heard of vision boards or dream boards as a way to help achieve your goals, but how does it really work?

A Vision Board holds pictures and words that represent things you wish to accomplish in your life, and it's a great assistant for the reticular activating system in the brain (which we discussed in a recent post- Activate!- The Science Behind the Law of Attraction). Whether you believe that we awaken our subconscious to opportunities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, or that we magically draw toward us what we imagine, that fact is, we do attract what we focus most upon.

Below, is my comprehensive "How-To Guide" for building your most effective vision board, but first, here are some examples that I have personally witnessed after vision board workshops I have run:

• A high school student and her mother came to one of my Vision Board events. The mother wrote herself a check for $100,000 and glued it to her vision board at the event. Her daughter was going to be starting college a few months later, and they were focusing on money flowing to them to help with the cost of tuition. The next day, I got a call from the mother. She couldn’t wait to tell me their great news. In the mail that day, her daughter had received a letter informing her that she’d been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $23,000 per year. $23,000 x 4 years = Pretty close, right?

• A stay-at-home mother who attended another one of my Vision Board workshops wanted to go back to work since her children were now in school all day. She had been looking at job postings for a while with no success and was afraid that she may have been out of the workforce too long to command the position and salary she was hoping for. A month later, she called to tell me that, through an organization that helps women return to the workforce, she’d landed the job she had been hoping for…at the salary she had written on her vision board.

• A friend and I were chatting about vacations and tropical destinations over coffee on a cold winter morning. She mentioned that she had always wanted to see Costa Rica but didn’t think she could afford to go. I encouraged her to add some photos to her vision board and to spend some time each morning looking at them and visualizing herself in Costa Rica without worrying too much about how it would come just yet. Three weeks later, her daughter came home with a letter explaining that her Spanish class was taking a trip to Costa Rica, and they were looking for chaperones. Not only did the travel opportunity present itself, but her trip was free! These are only a few of the marvelous ways I have seen this simple tool work for people.


Whether you do this activity with friends or on your own, make sure to set aside about 3 hours for the whole process. It’s a lot of fun once you get going!

1. Gather pictures

Flip through magazines looking for images and phrases that feel inspiring. Don’t worry too much about whether they match up to a specific goal at this point. Cut everything out and just keep a running pile until you feel that you have exhausted the collection of magazines you have. This allows you to see what is resonating with you right now that you may not have considered.

2. Print out specific images

Once you have looked through magazines for inspiration, you can go to your computer and fill in any gaps by printing out additional images that represent your current goals. These can be things like a professional award you might like to win, a mock-up of a headline you would like to see, or a specific house, car or vacation spot.

3. Sort through

Now it’s time to go through those images and phrases one by one and filter out any that aren’t as special or inspiring as you first thought. Make a new pile of only those that fit with some part of your ideal life vision and the goals you are looking to achieve.

4. Arrange

Before gluing, take time to lay out the newly sorted images and phrases on your canvas or board to see what arrangement feels best before you make it official.

5. Glue Now that you are happy with all of your inspiring images, and you have seen them all laid out, take them one by one and glue them down. You may find that you end up editing even more images during the gluing stage.

6. Display

Place your vision board somewhere you will see it every day. If it feels too private to display, take a picture of it with your phone and look at it each morning and evening (and throughout the day as long as you have it right there). You can also put it in your bathroom or inside your closet so as you get ready each morning, and go to bed each night you will be reminded of where you are heading.

7. Take Action

Do something every day that relates to the images on your board. If a trip to Italy is prominent on your board, start learning a few Italian phrases each day. If financial freedom is on your board, sign up for a financial advisor’s newsletter with daily tips for handling your money. If you glued a picture of your face on a perfect bikini body, do something different to move your body each day (and read the labels on the foods you’re consuming).

Most of all, remember that it’s ok to believe in a little magic here. Take action and have faith that these things can be a reality for you.

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