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Move! and R.E.V. Up© Your Day

Set yourself up for a productive day by getting your blood flowing before you settle into your daily routine. By exercising first thing, you will feel energized and alert to take on the day.

Ideas for morning exercise: This can be as big or little as your current health level allows, walking around your block to get fresh air and exercise, go to the gym with a friend (great for keeping each other accountable), Jog around the block, using a step tracker and hitting a step goal for 30 minutes, a yoga video, aerobics video, or dancing full out to a playlist of your 10 favorite dance songs.

Depending on your life and work situation, this may require getting up earlier than you normally do but I encourage you to give it a try for one week to see how you differently your day unfolds when you start it in a positive, energizing way.This small change can be the key to higher levels of joy, health and success in any area of life.

What will you do to move your body this week?

What tool will you use to Visualize this week- Vision board? Journal? Affirmations?

Kristin Pomeroy ©2018 The Vibrant Living Project