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Following Your Internal Guidance System

Sometimes when faced with a decision, we find ourselves leaning in the direction of the easy choice, even though we sense that little angel on our shoulder whispering that there is a better option. This is our internal guidance system trying to keep us on track. Often we ignore that little voice, and justify to ourselves:

...I'm tired, I'll exercise tomorrow

...One more brownie isn't that big a deal

...I don't really have the money but it's on sale

...I know he pushed me, but he would never really hurt me.

Over the years, friends who have ended up in bad relationships have told me things like: "Well, I knew he had a temper, but I just never thought he would be that way with me", or "I knew we didn't really belong together, but the wedding was already planned, and we had the same friend group, I didn't want to mess things up.” The truth of the matter is, we know when something is probably not the best choice. We may get butterflies in our stomach when we are making an unwise financial decision, feedback from a family member when we are making poor health choices, or advice from a worried friend who sees us going down a dangerous path. These are opportunities to pause and pay attention.

It might seem like it's no big deal to brush the inner guidance aside and do the easy or fun thing at the time, but your future self will thank you for taking a moment to think it through, responding in a way that will bring you the most favorable outcome. 

This week focus on being mindful of those nudges from your inner voice, follow what your gut is telling you and have faith that there is a reason you are receiving this guidance.

Kristin Pomeroy ©2018 The Vibrant Living Project