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Yes! You are in Charge.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

~ Charles R. Swindoll Author, Teacher, Radio Personality

Your response to the events of your life is where all of your power truly lies. Before you purify your diet, make changes to your exercise routine, create healthier relationships, or determine your life purpose, you must first understand one fundamental principle: The only person who is responsible for your life is you. This is the first layer in the foundation for vibrant living. While I will concede that we are not to blame for all of the circumstances that land in our laps throughout our lives (for example, a stock market crash or an earthquake), we are absolutely 100% responsible for the way we respond to each event. Those responses, in turn, determine how life unfolds for each of us.

When we experience unwanted circumstances such as the loss of a job, a failed relationship, or a scary health diagnosis, we always have two choices: stand in our own power and take action to create the most positive outcome possible, or give away our power.

What does it mean to “give away your power”? We give away our power when we justify our situation to others, explaining all the reasons we have no choice and can't change the way things are. We give the power to others who we perceive have made things difficult for us, when we say, "if they had done things differently, I wouldn't be in this situation." I have often heard: "there's nothing I can do, the economy is just no good right now." Maybe so, but I guarantee someone is selling houses, cars, and Pampered Chef in the midst of the same economy you are blaming.

I know that sometimes it can be difficult to see that there is a choice, but I guarantee, whether it is a health crisis, an abusive relationship, or a money problem, someone has succeeded at over-coming it. The great news is, many people have overcome it, and success always leaves clues. History books are full of people facing insurmountable odds, who not only survived but thrived! You can read the biography of almost any high achiever, and you will find that most were not born into an ideal family situation, blessed with perfect health, or a trust fund. In fact, many of them had difficult circumstances that would have caused others to give up, but these people had different responses and created extraordinary outcomes.

I encourage you to empower yourself with biographies and case studies of those who have succeeded at what you wish to accomplish. Whether you have a health, financial, or relationship goal, knowledge is a powerful tool and coupled with action, it can create massive change.

As you go through your week, remember, an event or circumstance is neutral, it “is what it is” By choosing to respond differently than you have in the past, you can create new outcomes. If you find yourself having that same old argument with someone, out of money again by the end of the week, or still not feeling as healthy and vibrant as you would like to feel, I challenge you to take a look at your actions related to that area of your life. Make the choice to respond differently than you have in the past in order to create a new outcome; one that moves you closer to where you truly want to be.

Kristin Pomeroy ©2018 The Vibrant Living Project