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Get Those Pebbles Out of Your Shoe!

As the stores begin to show sign of the holidays, I feel the excitement of the upcoming season, along with a bit of apprehension. I know all of the stresses this time of year brings. In order to enjoy the upcoming season to it's fullest, I know I need to remove as many unnecessary stressors as possible. I call these "pebbles"in my shoe. Those small irritants that steal my time, energy and confidence little by little, making the bigger tasks seem more difficult. Before the holiday season is in full swing, is the perfect time to address a few of these so we can enjoy friends, family, and festivities the way they were meant to be enjoyed and start the upcoming New Year on the right foot.

What are some of these "Pebbles"?

Take a kitchen junk drawer filled mostly with non-functioning pens, unsharpened pencils without erasers, and a stapler that always seems to be empty. We feel defeated every time we go to make a to-do list or jot a reminder for ourselves. We waste time looking for the one pen that actually works and we are disappointed in ourselves for forgetting to pick up staples at the store again. Subconsciously, we think “ if I can’t even find a working pen when I need it, how am I going to get it together to host everyone for Thanksgiving?”

It is the mental and physical clutter we allow to accumulate that depletes our energy, wastes precious time and undermines confidence in our ability to do bigger and better things.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Sheets that don’t quite fit the bed properly, sifting through a wardrobe full of outdated or outgrown clothes every morning to find the few items that are enjoyable to wear, clutter in the garage that keeps us from getting the car in out of the snow?

What are those things that are currently stealing your energy and time?

Here is an exercise you can do to help you see where your time and energy “leaks” are and help you put them to rest so you can focus and be free to fully embrace your bigger goals. Make a chart for yourself and mentally walk through your day. What are those things that you tolerate everyday? How can you fix them? Do you have to do it yourself or can you delegate the job? Choose a date by which you will complete each. You may find that much of your list could be taken care of in one weekend with the help of a handyman, a trip to Walmart or Home Depot, and help from your kids.

Here is a sample chart to help you get started.

A free blank downloadable version is available in the resource section:

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