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Feel Your Best to Be Your Best

Feel Your Best to Be Your Best

How is last week’s food diary challenge going for you? Were you able to identify an area in which you could make one small shift in the direction of healthier choices, and then make that improvement? Send me an email and tell me about it!

This week, let’s consider exercise. Movement offers so many benefits to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Keeping physically fit reduces our risk of illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease while improving our mood by elevating levels of brain chemicals called endorphins that boost feelings of happiness and joy.

Have you committed to exercising daily as part of your morning R.E.V. Up? If you’re not exercising, now is the time to start! If you are succeeding in meeting your exercise goals, change things up this week. It’s common to plateau and see lower results from the same exercise over time. When we ask our bodies to move in new and interesting ways, we surprise our brains and keep them exercising, too.

Here are some ideas for fun, manageable exercise that you can add to your current vibrant living plan:

  • If you’re just getting started, remember that every little bit counts! Begin with some gentle yoga stretches at home. There are tons of videos on YouTube to help you with ideas.

  • Take a walk around the block. Notice how long it takes you to get back home and see if you can shave some minutes off your time tomorrow.

  • If you’re someone who regularly engages in aerobic activity, try replacing that with some yoga and a hike once or twice this week.

  • On the other hand, if you have cultivated a yoga practice, how about a vigorous hike this week?

Do you need help getting your exercise program off the ground or achieving any other goal? Email me and let’s talk about how one-on-one coaching can help you live vibrantly today.

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