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The Value of Journaling

Often, when I suggest journaling to a new client as an effective tool for self-exploration, I sense the atmosphere in the room shift. Suddenly, I feel like a mother trying to get her child to eat vegetables. Many people mistakenly think that journaling has to be complicated and time consuming, but this is not the case Here are some tips to help you get started:

Go ahead and invest in a beautiful new journal if that helps you find motivation, but remember: a fifty cent spiral notebook from the drug store works, too. Put your new journal at your bedside, where you can spend a few minutes with it as part of your R.E.V. Up (Read, Exercise, Visualize) every morning, or as a tool to reflect on your day in the evening.

Using your journal does not have to mean spending hours writing long, flowery diary entries. Instead, think of it as a place where you can write a few things you are grateful for each morning to start your day off on the right foot, engage in a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Offer yourself answers. Use your journal to clarify your thoughts – you might see a situation differently when you have to put it into words. There is another amazing benefit to journaling, brain health! Who knew? According to Neuro-pshychology studies, writing (yes with pen and paper, not typing on devices) actually exercises the brain and keeps it healthy and younger.

Begin and end each day with a beautiful journaling ritual. If you aren'y currently journaling start small. Begin by promising yourself that you will write just three sentences each day – each morning and again each evening, one to remind yourself of something that you are thankful for, one about something that you are working to achieve, and one to offer yourself an affirmation. A journal can become an essential component on your path to success. Set a timer for three minutes to get it done. The key is consistency. As writing in your journal becomes a habit, you may just find yourself enjoying the process so much that you forget about the timer all together.

Are you ready to add a journal to your life? Let me help you. Call or email me today to set up a free coaching consultation.

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