It's Time to Unleash Your True Power

Do you ever feel like there has to be a better way to make life “work”? Are you pasting a happy face sticker over your “Low-Fuel” warning light? We all have the power to create vibrant lives for ourselves. What many of us are missing is the toolkit. The Vibrant Living Project is just that. This is a not just a book, it’s your roadmap to a more vibrant, uncluttered life. In this straightforward, no-nonsense guide, author, speaker and success coach, Kristin Pomeroy, shows you just how simple it can be to achieve the life you have always imagined (but may not have thought possible).


Join Kristin as she cuts through the confusion and walks you through her step-by-step process.


After reading the Vibrant Living Project you will be able to:


  • Remove obstacles that steal your time and energy       

  • Feel your best so you can seize the day

  • Create rituals and habits that will revitalize your life

  • Unleash your true power

  • Bring your ideal life vision into being


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